GOP Shouldn't Knock Community Organizers


jake Utah

Republicans have never been big on community service. Their claim to fame is competency in government. What I find laughable is any Republican who thinks he is a conservative fearing Obama for national security or fiscal responsibility issues. Are we safer because Pres Bush put us into a foolish war and has spent our countries resources (money and lives) in such a wasteful way? Are we safer than if we had went after Bin Laden and terrorists instead of a crumbling dictator in Iraq? (Anyone remember the Powel Doctrine of War). Are we better of financially when we have lived through the most expensive Presidency in the history of the United States, and we have the highest debt that we our nation has ever had. Bill Clinton, for all his many faults, left George Bush a surplus. George Bush will leave a multi-trillion dollar debt.

We have a President with the lowest approval rating in history. We have a congress with the lowest approval rating in history. This Presidency has bankrupted America. Don't buy into the foolishness that the mortgage crises was caused by realtors, lenders, and appraisers. It was caused by a lack of liquidity. America is broke, and these bozos are trying to sell America on the idea that if appraisers were better regulated, we would be fine. Give me a break! The national debt is Trillions of Dollars. And some "Conservative Republicans" that are delegates to the National Republican Convention are worried that Obama might not keep us safe and will hurt our economy. Not only laughable, but truly amazing.

I am a 61 year old (OWG) living in Davis County, Utah. That is the most conservative county in the most conservative State in the United States. I have never voted anything other than a straight Republican ticket. I will proudly cast my ballot for Senator Obama. The Republican Party must be punished for the last eight years, and it must rebuild itself into a Party that sells what it promises: Competency and fiscal responsibility. Both have been totally absent in this administration. Obama offers change and his speech went point by point as to his plan to accomplish that change. His economic plan was far superior to any proposal coming out of the broken Republican Party.

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GOP shouldn't knock community organizers
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