Winter Olympics 2018: Ayumu Hirano Felt He Should Have Won Gold Over Shaun White


Ayumu Hirano had an incredible run to unseat Shaun White from first place during this year's halfpipe. But he couldn't withstand White's third run. After White's first run scored a 94.25, Hirano bumped him in the second heat with a score of 95.25 after back-to-back 1440s. However, White stormed back with a 97.75, which included back-to-back 1440s of his own, something he'd never done in competition. Still, Hirano thinks that the places could have been swapped, leaving White with silver.

"Yes, I do, but the result is the result," he said per ESPN when he was asked if he deserved gold. "And whatever I do, whatever I say, the result cannot be changed."

Hirano also went on to say that it could have gone either way.

"There are no big differences between us, what we did," Hirano said. "Under this condition, on this pipe it's very, very difficult to mark higher than [White] did. But perhaps I have some room to improve on the height and the perfectness, perfect landing."